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Zionism and Nazism: We Can't Tell The Difference, Can You?

People and The Land

dead Palestinian boy
beating a Palestinian

Explosive moving picture footage rarely seen before. Suppressed by the mainstream media.

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The Katyn Forest Massacre

Katyn Forest massacre
Katyn Forest massacre
Katyn Forest massacre
Katyn Forest massacre

QuickTime video on the Katyn Forest Massacre.

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Duration 19 Minutes

David Cole Interview with Dr. Piper

David Cole
Auschwitz gas chamber

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Palestine Censorship News

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation released footage of an Israeli TV news broadcast that shows a recent Israeli raid into a West Bank refugee camp. When the Israeli soldiers bombed the door of the home of one camp family, the mother of the house who was about to open the door for the soldiers was critically injured by the blast at the door. The soldiers ignored the family's plea for the mother to be taken to the hospital and the Palestinian Red Crescent ambulances were not able to get into the camp because of the Israeli blockade of the camp. The mother died as her children watched. The only thing unusual about this story is that the Israeli reporter's film circumvented the Israeli censors. You can view the footage here:


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